Stop Key Chatter

StopKeyChatter is a small app to fix key chatter in mechanical keyboards. Key chatter happens when you press a key and many unwanted repetitions are registered. You press "e" and you get "eee". In my case problems started after four years my Logitech Orion G810 (170 euros at the time I bought it) had the down arrow key giving many registrations with just one press. Very annoying. And I became convinced that the problem didn't come from dirt but just worn out because an application used every day caused to this exactly key more than 1000 key presses per day. And I was so sure that this will never happen as Logitech guaranteed to me millions of key presses for its ROMER-G key switches. I was expecting my expensive keyboard to live for 100 years!

So StopKeyChatter is a cheap and easy way to give more life to your expensive mechanical keyboard. The app works in the background and watches the pressing of keys. If a selected key is registered more than once in rapid succession below a user-defined threshold, this is considered as chatter and only one registration reaches any application used at the time. The rest key presses silently are deleted.


To use StopKeyChatter you have to download the zip file and unzip it to a directory of your preference. Then just run it. At the bottom, there is a checkbox "Press any key to add". Checking this option the app is ready to accept the keys to be watched. Just press any key and will be added. The watched keys appear in a grid list. One row for every key. You can use the "delete" button to delete any key added by mistake. You can double click any row in this list to configure the threshold below it key registrations are considered as chatter. By default this threshold is 100ms.

To activate the watching of the selected keys check "Stop Key Chatter".

When chatter for a key is detected then the second column in the row of the key is updated. There there is the number of keypresses of the key and the number of key chatters deleted. Also the minimum and the maximum delay the chatter happened. This information can be used to fine-tune the chatter delay time for every key selected. The information format is as follows: KeyPresses(Chatter-deleted registrations)(Min delay-Max delay).

Also checking "Lock Keyboard" you can lock your keyboard for example to do a quick cleaning.

You can modify the application's Window to any size and position on screen preferable and also the size of columns in the grid list. These selections will be remembered next time you re-run the app. The app keeps its icon in the notification area.

The application runs in Windows Vista or newer 64Bit Windows OS.