Download AVIAddXSubs (949KB)

AVIAddXSubs is a simple to use, free program to subtitle videos converting the original srt files you may have. Its services are useful in cases your hardware player is not able to show the subtitles directly from srt or even if it does the result is not satisfactory. Using AVIAddXSubs and converting the srt you have a variety of options to configure the subtitles as regards font, font size, color, outline, position, etc. This effect is achieved through a srt conversion to another format where the subtitles are stored as bitmaps (that is, images) already prepared in your PC.

This conversion process, takes a few minutes (or a few seconds in many cases) and it doesn't re-encode the video so its quality remains exactly the same. The generated subtitles are "soft", not burned in the picture, so the user is able to activate/deactivate through his/her player's remote control the same way it does at normal DVD playback.

There are two such subtitle formats that can be used alternatively depending on which your player supports better.

  1. The XSUB format where the generated bitmaps are presented as an additional stream inserted (or incorporated) in the video file itself. This works only with avi files. In this case another avi is generated that has the subtitles incorporated. Note that the subtitle source for XSUB conversion can be in idx/sub format too (instead of srt format). In case of other file formats (mp4/mkv), if XSUB is the only kind of subtitle supported (PS3), AVIAddXSubs can automatically convert mp4/mkv files, using ffmpeg, to avi and then incorporate XSUB subtitles. For more information read Converting mp4/mkv to avi for XSUB subtitle incorporation section in user manual. Important: I found new parameters for ffmpeg video options that speed up conversion many times. Go at ffmpeg page and replace video options with the following: -vcodec mpeg4 -q:v 0 -vtag XVID
  2. The idx/sub format. This format uses a pair of files, one with extension idx and another with extension sub. These files go together and replace the srt in your player. Using idx/sub, because are external files (that is, not incorporated), you can subtitle any kind of video file. avi/mkv/mp4, you name it, if your player supports the combination.

To incorporate XSUB subtitles (default use of the program) just place the avi and its associated (same name) srt (or idx/sub) in the same directory and Drag&Drop the avi on AVIAddXSubs icon or shortcut in your desktop. In 2-3 minutes a new file with divx extension will be created and be ready to play in your hardware DivX/XVid player. For example from the files:


you get

anyvideo.divx, to play in your hardware DivX player.

To see the subtitles you have to activate them through your remote control much like you do with normal DVD. Check the configuration page of the program for the offered options. Maybe you have to put a smaller number at "Vertical Position" field if subtitles are selectable, are selected, but do not appear. The generated file is a regular avi and you can rename it if this helps the player.

In a similar way you can convert srt to idx/sub. You have to go at "Configuration 1/SUB 1" and select idx/sub instead of XSUB. To view the video just place it together with the generated idx/sub:


In total the user has the following subtitling alternatives:

  1. To incorporate XSUB subtitles in the avi from srt files.
  2. To incorporate XSUB subtitles in the avi converting idx/sub files.
  3. To incorporate XSUB subtitles in the avi coming from a combination of srt and idx/sub files.
  4. To generate idx/sub files from srt and use them as external subtitle files (in place of the original srt) in supporting players to subtitle any kind of video (avi/mkv/mp4 etc).

For more information and a detailed User Guide, please click here.

ZIP File contents

  • AVIAddXSubs.exe : Main utility
  • SUBRenamer.exe : Renames avi and its associated srt under a new name following AVIAddXSubs rules in case of multiple subtitles.
  • AVIAddXSub.dll, AVIAddXSub64.dll, calclib.dll : Needed by the executables.
  • menu.avi. This file is a small video which is used in case the user adds CHAPTERS (XSUB only) to the generated files.


Just unzip the downloaded file in a directory. The program (AVIAddXSubs.exe) is ready for use. You can create a shortcut in your desktop that will help you to drop files on it.

Quick Start

  1. Create a shortcut of AVIAddXSubs.exe in your desktop.
  2. In a directory place the AVI file and its associated (same name) srt. e.g. movie.avi and
  3. Drag & Drop any number of avi files (in the same folder) to the icon of AVIAddXSubs in the desktop. You can also drag&drop any number of folders instead of separate files. In this case avi/divx files in these folders and their sub-folders will be processed. You can also start the program with a right click on a selected avi (or group, even a group of folders). See "Right Content menu option" at "Configuration 2" tab.
  4. At Configuration/SUB1 edit character set and language to your local (Use ANSI for character set in case of English/Spanish/Italians/Germans etc).
  5. At "Configuration 1"\"SUB 1" select XSUB (default) or Idx/Sub.
  6. Press "Start"

That’s it!


WDTV is a media box produced by Western Digital. If subtitles directly from srt are not satisfactory to you, you can use idx/sub as an alternative, generated through AVIAddxSubs. It converts srt to idx/sub in seconds. You have to accompany your video files, instead of srt with the idx/sub files generated.

Configure AVIAddXSubs with the selections below and start subtitling your avi/mkv/mp4 (or any kind of video file):

At "Configuration 1\SUB 1":

Check Idx/Sub.

At "Configuration 2":

Check "Do not copy avi when no XSUB"
Check "
Do not convert idx/sub to XSUB"

Please note that WDTV supports only black&white subtitles (or shades of gray). As of the moment you cannot get "colorful" subtitles.

For more options or cases of multiple subtitles please consult User Guide.

Note: The above configuration applies in the First generation of WDTV.

AVIAddXSubs & PS3 (XSUB)

Video Resolution Subtitle bitmap Center At (CP) Vertical Position (VP)
Standard 720 X 576 240 450
720p 1280 X 720 480 660
1080p 1280 X 720 480 660

In case subtitles do not appear in your hardware DivX Player

  1. Be sure that subtitles are activated through your remote control. Is there a list with subtitles when you press the button for subtitles? Note that this will happen when the avi starts playing. Not before. So wait to finish initialization and start playback.
  2. Test with all available options in "Mark DivX as".
  3. Test with "Full Screen" checked and unchecked.
  4. Use various values in "Vertical Position" (VP). You can create many subtitles from the same srt with different VP. See user guide on how. Smaller VP moves subtitles up in the screen, greater moves them down.
  5. In some players equipped with USB port, XSUB subtitles do not appear when the avi is placed in a device connected to this port. Try also a CDRW/DVDRW to see if things go better from there.
  6. Check if your player is in the list of the "reported working well". If it is there then something you do wrong.